Hallsville Quarter

The new £600 million town centre being created to establish a lasting legacy for Canning Town. In conjunction with the London Borough of Newham, Linkcity and associated project partners are delivering one of the most exciting and significant town centre regeneration projects in London.

Forming part of the £3.7 billion Canning Town and Custom House Regeneration Programme, Hallsville Quarter will act as the catalyst for the transformation of the wider area, helping to form a new, thriving and prosperous district centre for this emerging area of east London.

Revitalising Canning Town

This transformational scheme, which will be delivered over five phases, will provide new homes, shops and leisure facilities to create a strong and distinct identity for what is set to become the vibrant heart of Canning Town. The first phase of Hallsville Quarter completed in 2015 and comprises 179 private and affordable homes set around a shared garden at podium level, underground car parking and a 7,600 m2 retail space.
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Developing the new residential neighbourhoods in Hallsville Quarter is about creating communities. To achieve this, Linkcity is introducing a vibrant pedestrian-only mixed-use town centre to Canning Town, along with approximately 1,100 residential properties.


Hallsville Quarter will introduce a new high street with exciting new shops, cafes and restaurants. The Hallsville Quarter high street will become a new hub and retail focus for East London, a destination that is fast becoming the regeneration success story of the Capital.


The Hallsville Quarter high street will become a central focus for the town, offering a quality hotel with cafe style seating, a cinema and gym facilities among others creating a destination for residents and visitors to East London to spend their leisure time and relax.

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