Contractor’s Newsletter Issue 01 – June 2020

Contractor’s Newsletter Issue 01 – June 2020

Bouygues UK - Hallsville Quarter Phase 3 - Newsletter - Issue 01 June 2020 (click on the link to download the newsletter)


Dear Neighbours,

We hope your family and loved ones are well and we express support for those who are directly affected by Covid-19.

It’s important to make it clear that the government has advised that we should only continue to operate if we can do so safely and that we have implemented the recommended procedures to do so.

We are pleased to issue our first newsletter for the Hallsville Quarter Phase 3 Development, which consists of 620 homes including 50 extra-care homes, retail units and basement car park. 

Hallsville Quarter Phase 3 new development  

We understand that there will be concerns about this development and the increase of construction activities in your neighbourhood.  We aim to minimise the disturbance. If you want to get in touch for a general chat, information, or comments on how we can improve our relationship with the neighbours please do not hesitate to approach us.

Main activities in the coming months

Following the temporary closure of all our UK sites on 27 March (except critical healthcare projects), Bouygues UK has extensively reviewed the Site Operating Procedures published by the Construction Leadership Council, and aligned with the latest guidance from Public Health England, to implement the recommended procedures for our sites to operate safely in the current COVID-19 environment.

  The old garage located between Silvertown Way and Hallsville Road will be demolished. 

  Hoardings have been in place for some time and we are refreshing them and aligning them to the land where the works will be carried out. We will modify these as works progress.

  Utilities diversion works are ongoing in the site areas and on the footpath around it. UK Power Networks is removing the old substation which is in the Morrisons car park and setting up a temporary new substation on Hallsville Road.

  Clarkson Road will soon be closed.

  The main first activities will be earth works, piling and the creation of a new temporary ramp to Morrisons’ basement car park

  Wouldham Road will also be closed when the earth works start.

Meet the Buyer and Local Supplier events will be held to encourage local businesses to get involved.


More information on the Newsletter

Bouygues UK - Hallsville Quarter Phase 3 - Newsletter - Issue 01 June 2020 (click on the link to download the newsletter)